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Casino Loss, Lake Charles LA:  Mr. White made post loss inspections of facility that included 2 casino vessels, 100,000 Sft. floating entertainment facility, parking garage, and a full-service Hotel. This facility experienced a significant event in which the entire entertainment facility and the 2 casinos were washed inland by the storm surge of Hurricane Rita. The majority of the facility was a total loss. Mr. White arranged a team of consultants from various disciplines to fully quantify the entire facility including the Marine elements. Additionally, Mr. White was given the task of negotiating a replacement option for the marine portion of the claim. This negotiation included sourcing both new barges from several shipyards as well as locating used replacements that were equivalent in form as well as function. As part of the project Mr. White also prepared a full construction schedule and estimate that tracked resources and cost through a variety of scenarios. Among the scenarios tracked, were different work schedules and avail abilities of specific trades. In association with the estimating portions of the claim Mr. White actively participated in settlement talks at the highest levels with both parties. Total Project Cost 850 Mil.

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