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University Teaching Hospital Tulsa OK-Mr. White served as the senior project manager/ director for the recovery efforts at the Campus medical center following a catastrophic flood event affecting nearly 50% of hospital. The hospital served as a teaching and treatment facility as well as the distinction of being the premier facility in the Campus medical portfolio. Mr. White was able to identify the projects needs and constraining time line and coordinate the recovery of the facility. Including managing the renovation to one of the cities only Cardiac catherization labs and operating room as well as the imaging and dialysis centers of the hospital. Mr. White negotiated cost, coordinated with engineering and architectural teams and participated in Board level meetings on a bi weekly basis through the completion of the project. Because of Mr. White’s involvement and direction, the hospital was able to avoid 700million in potential losses due to reduced patient services and the loss of the Cardiac Cath lab. This number is on top of the countless patient outcomes that were improved through Mr. White’s efforts to keep the original heart center open during the construction of the upgraded facility

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